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Volac: The Black Angel Dragon by Fr. Asar Un Nefer (Sirius Limited Esoterica/Thanatos Publishing, 2023) Deluxe Editon Limited to 33 Copies

Volac: The Black Angel Dragon by Fr. Asar Un Nefer (Sirius Limited Esoterica/Thanatos Publishing, 2023) Deluxe Editon Limited to 33 Copies

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Fr. Asar Un Nefer. Volac: The Black Angel Dragon. Sirius Limited Esoterica/Thanatos Publishing, 2023. Deluxe edition. 98 pages. Leather binding. Limited to 33 hand-numbered copies. 

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Description from the publisher: 


“The Black Angel Dragon”

Fr. Asar Un Nefer

Deluxe Edition in Leather Hard Cover

Thanatos Publishing and distributed by Sirius Limited Esoterica

The power of connection and magical focus with Volac is able to open wide a crossroads of fire where you will find the temple of the Black Dragon Angel and the working methods for its correct understanding. The only way is that of self-initiation into the mysteries of the Ars Goetia.

Volac is a key and a gate without a lock. Therefore, the adept's work is to become the key, gate, and lock to penetrate the temple of Volac in his demonic mask and to be able to encrypt the sacred, occult geometry of how structures work with the demons of the Ars Goetia revealed here.

This is the process of stepping back into the infernal light of your gnosis and your eternal knowledge. And feeding on the black flames that arise from their knowledge are important elements in a magical awakening through the veils of the Black Dragon Angel and his mysterious infernal masks.

Through the magical process of enlightenment on the path of the Ars Goetia, the practitioner descends into his own darkness and after the respective process ascends carrying the black flame of Volac's knowledge to various planes, where the practitioner devours himself to become part of the black fire flame of the Black Dragon Angel. Here, the practitioner inflames his mind, spirit, and body with the totemic shadow of the black dragon and transcends the illusions of the cosmic sea of the illusion of the demiurge.

Table of Content



INFERNUM DRACONIS : The Black Angel Dragon


UMBRA NIGRA :  An Initiation with Volac


RITUALE SACRUM INFERNALIS II: The Volac Rite of Empowerment

IGNIS NIGER LEGATUM : The Legacy and the Infernal Flame

RITUALE SACRUM INFERNALIS III: The Opening of the Dragon's Mouth

RITUALE SACRUM INFERNALIS IV: Emerging through the Infernal Fire

RITUALE SACRUM INFERNALIS V: The Key and the Lockless Gate


SAPIENTIA INFERNALI:The Qliphot and the path to Volac




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