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Friedrich Nietzsche & the Left Hand Path by Shea Bilé (Atramentous Press, 2023) Limited Edition Hardcover

Friedrich Nietzsche & the Left Hand Path by Shea Bilé (Atramentous Press, 2023) Limited Edition Hardcover

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 Shea Bilé. Friedrich Nietzsche & the Left Hand Path. Atramentous Press, 2023. Standard hardcover edition. 133 pages. Limited to 500 copies. Artwork by Kayla Mavrakis.

Condition: Fine

Description from the publisher:

Friedrich Nietzsche and the Left Hand Path: The Occult Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, The Overman, Nihilism, and the Satanic Milieu. By Shea Bilé

“Now I belong to the Devil. I go with him to Hell. Break, break, poor hearts of stone!”

Friedrich Nietzsche from The Dawn of Day.

For the seeker of truth, an encounter with tragedy and the innermost abyss is inevitable. An unrepentant spirit of liberating self-analysis edifies Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy and in doing so establishes it as a foundation for religious, moral, and political antinomianism, anarchy, and dissent. For many of the subversive movements over the past 130 years, Nietzsche’s name has remained ever-present, with his philosophy stoking, even emblazoning the black flame of independent thought in the hearts and minds of those who have chosen to question and counteract.

Nietzsche’s influence on the Left Hand Path and Satanic milieu is undeniable – the concept of the will to power, the overman/Übermensch, the Dionysian force, active and passive nihilism, slave morality, life-affirmation, etc. – has been absorbed into the writings of foundational esoteric thinkers who have overtime proceeded to forge a path for contemporary religious heterodoxy and an antinomian esoteric tradition.

Many have understood Nietzsche’s philosophy as being wholly deconstructive or antinomian; however, a comprehensive analysis on Friedrich Nietzsche and the Left Hand Path emphasises the positive rebuilding of values after the deconstruction of nihilism. Through a careful analysis of Left Hand Path philosophy, along with its fundamental tenets of contemporary religious Satanism, has led the author to question the problem of nihilism as defined by Nietzsche. Consequently, Friedrich Nietzsche and the Left Hand Path produces a deeper understanding of the effects of nihilism, self-destruction, decadence etc. while providing solutions for overcoming it. Moreover, this book consequently explores the possibility that Satanism, as a modern religious phenomenon, reconciles the passive nihilism of our day.

Chapter List



Chapter 1: The Fire and the Wine

A Comparative Theophilosophical Analysis of Nietzsche’s Dionysus and the Romantic Satan

- The Goat-skinned

- Origins

- A Note on Ontology

- Gods of Fire

- Gods of Wine

Chapter 2: The Satanic Precepts

- Defining Modern Satanism

- The Satanic Tenets

- Setian Principles

Chapter 3: Nihilismus

- Nihilismus?

- The Will to Truth

o The Will to Truth in Occult Metaphysics

- Gott ist tot

o A Note on the Death of God

- The Wages of Nihilism is Death

- Active vs. Passive Nihilism

- Negation before Affirmation

Chapter 4: Satan, the Adversary

Negation of All Values

- The Poisonous Doctrine

- A Critique of Morality

- Beyond Good and Evil

Chapter 5: Dionysus, the Goat-Skinned

The Affirmation of Life

- Embracing Man’s Nature

- Affirmation of the Self

- Affirmation of LIfe

Chapter 6: Redemption Through Sin

- Sacred Inversion and Religious Nihilism

o Strange Holiness

o Demonic Zen

o The Altar of the Devil

- Reality in Accordance with the Will

- Man as God

- The Satanic Antidote

- Conclusion

Hymns of Fire and Wine

Prayers to Apollo, Lucifer, Dionysus, and Satan

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