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The Grimoire of Kings by Cain D. Thorson (Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2024) Hardcover Limited to 111 Copies

The Grimoire of Kings by Cain D. Thorson (Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2024) Hardcover Limited to 111 Copies

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Cain D. Thorson. The Grimoire of Kings. Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2024. Standard hardcover edition. 324 pages. Limited to 111 hand-numbered copies. 

Condition: New

Description from the publisher: 

This is a grimoire that will take you on a journey with some of the most notorious spirits in Western magick to unveil their secrets and remove all obstacles that stand in your way for spiritual enlightenment. Each one of them will be presented in a new light for the modern magician and open the doors to a magical adventure that will last forever. Let this power unshackle your spirit and set you free!

What you will find is the most comprehensive guide to the 9 Kings of Hell you could ever ask for, straight from Cain’s own workings. Spells, talismans, alchemical formulas, and meditations on the nature and realms of these powerful entities. Tested and true methods we’ve already benefited from in droves.

Cain has prepared everything you could need: Lists of components, potential substitutes, both living and inanimate, that will help you distill the most powerful circles and elixirs you could ever dream of. Your enemies will flee, and your friends rejoice! There is nothing you will fear if you embrace your potential with us.

Each King is devoted to their own chapters of equal length and detail. Including how to summon them and how to interpret what they reveal to you. All in service of your own ascension and elevation.

The Book includes 324 pages and comes in a beautiful hard cover print edition.




How To Use This Book

Ideas on Traditional and Modern Ways of Working with Spirits

Ritual Methods

Chakra Cleansing Ritual


Opening Invocation of the Lightbringer

A Rite to Ignite the Black Flame and Protection


Gaining a Familiar

The Silver Moon Rite


A Simple Love Spell

Moving Sexual Energy Through the Energy Body


Building Astral Shrines

Home Protection Rite

Necromantic Wealth Rite


The Flaming Sword of Eden

A Forcing Love Spell


Money Water

Magnetic Love Talisman

Invisibility Spell

Black Mirror Curse


The Black Cloak of Zagan

A Destructive Curse to Be Placed on An Enemy


The Core of the Shadow Self

The Master of Time

The Frost Talisman

Conditioning of the Spirit Body

The Ritual of the Hawk


Wealth Rite of Purson

Astral Examination of Someone’s Health

Protection Powder


Ashmodai’s Cursing Oil

An Orgiastic Curse

A Rite of Protection for Your Home

Bringing It All Together

Final Words



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