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Qaloh-Menah: The Faceless Goddess by Madame Orfa (Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2024) Standard Hardcover Edition Limited to 111 Copies

Qaloh-Menah: The Faceless Goddess by Madame Orfa (Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2024) Standard Hardcover Edition Limited to 111 Copies

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Madame Orfa. Qaloh-Menah: The Faceless Goddess.Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2024. Standard hardcover edition. 136 pages. Limited to 111 hand-numbered copies.

Condition: New

Description from the publisher:


“The Faceless Goddess”

by Madame Orfa

Standard Hardcover Edition

This Grimoire breaks down in a practical way the path that the adept travels and the tortuous path that leads us to connect with the faceless goddess. Manifesting itself among many cultures and under many names. Here we explore the deepest and most interesting facet of the cult of death. She is the patroness of the Sabbat, the goddess of the underworld, whose infernal domains represent the infinite exhaustive search of the human spirit through initiatory processes and astral currents of the cult of death. In the book you will find out how to work with Fetishes, build an altar and how to connect with the goddess through the magical use of sacred plants such as tobacco. The use of blood and bone ashes as ointments to astral travel and conjure the elements of the altar. A profound journey into the sabbatical conclave of the faceless goddess, showing us how her knowledge and power can help us in our solitary magical process.


The Grimoire comes ultra-limited to 111 in hard printed cover and 33 Hard cover Leather


Deluxe Editions comes with Altar Cloth of the seal of QALOH-MENAH and Print cards of the Seals for Meditation.






Introduction: The Faceless Goddess


Preliminary Formulae of the Sacred Bones Kingdom


Initiation into the mysterious path of Thorns & Scythe


Therionic Arcanum of the Death Goddess


The Devil Emissary and the Infernal Queen


Bones, Ashes and the Sacred plants


Plants of Necromancy: Practical Methods Used in Conjuration


The 11 Paths of the Black Goddess


Exposition of Entheogens related the Dead and the Death


Working with Sulum (The Spirit of Tobacco)


Descending spirits into your personal Temple


Magickal Projections and Oneiric Transmissions


The Great rite of the Black Goddess


Drops of Blood and the Marriage of Spirits


Preparing your Temple


Preparation of the Magickal Fetish


Blood, Tobacco and Secret Elixirs: A Consecration Rite


Invocation of the Faceless Godesss

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