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Kokain - The Modern Revue (Side Real Press) Five Volumes Limited to 250 copies

Kokain - The Modern Revue (Side Real Press) Five Volumes Limited to 250 copies

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Kokain - The Modern Revue. Side Real Press, 2022. Five paperback volumes in a slipcase. 400 pages. Limited to 250 numbered copies (#30/250). 400 pages.


Description from the publisher: 

Kokain - The Modern Revue was a magazine produced in Vienna and ran for five issues during 1925. Original copies are so rare that it scarcely appears in any of the literature relating to the Weimar period and its contents have remained almost entirely ignored and certainly untranslated. Until now.

Each 80pp magazine is printed in full colour in a similar format and layout to the original editions, bound in sewn sections as a paperback with french flap covers. All five issues are housed in a handsome slipcase.

Ably translated by Joe E. Bandel, Kokain includes works by such well-known names as Hanns Heinz Ewers (1871-1943) (including two hitherto unrecognised pieces contributed under pseudonyms), Karl Hans Strobl (1877-1946) author and editor of Der Orchideengarten- the worlds first fantasy magazine, the Russian expressionist Leonid Andreyev (1871–1919), Paul Leppin (1878-1945) ‘the German-Bohemian Baudelaire’ and Joseph Roth (1894-1939) author of The Radetzky March. Among its other contents are various tales by now largely forgotten authors some of which included scenes of sex and violence (such as an anonymously authored lesbian spy serial) that pushed at the boundaries of decency and ultimately resulted in prosecutions and bans. These legal issues, and acrimony between the journals publisher Fritz Bauer and its artistic editor Stefan Eggeler resulted in the journals collapse within tenth months of its debut issue.

Originally, the fourth issue of Kokain was a re-issue of the third which had been prosecuted for both its written and artistic content but rather than reprint that issue twice, it has instead been devoted to Kokains artistic director Stefan Eggeler (1895-1970).

* INTRODUCTION * HANNS HEINZ EWERS: The Glowing Man * KURT MÜNZER: A Twisted Life * EDWARD STILGEBAUER: The Much Beloved * HARRY BAUER: Nights at the North Pole * MARTIN KELETI: The Birthday * F. O. HALLENER: Dancers On The Stage * A VIENNESE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL * A MARRIAGE LITANY * JOSEPH ROTH: The Peddler * KARL HANS STROBL: The Saviour from the Gallows * FRITZ BAUER: Love * A BAD PREMONITION * STEFAN EGGELER: Amine, a story in six pictures * ANON: From the Papers of An Extraordinary Woman

* OTTO SOYKA: We Were Five * HANNS HEINZ EWERS: A Novel In Four Chapters * FROM THE BOOK “MORITURI”: Revenge * EDUARD WEBER: Makaland (Experiences in Africa) * FRITZ BAUER: The Inspired Poet * WALTER JENSEN: The Free Poet * KURT MÜNZER:The Woman In The Window * HANS GERHARD SCHULTZ: How Many Kisses Did I Give You * LEONID ANDREYEV: The Lie * HANS LEIP: The Patron * OSSIAN ELGSTRÖM: Frozen * WALTER JENSEN: Greasy Little Sabine * STEFAN EGGELER: The Hanged Man, The Wench, Lady With Dog, 3 original lithographs * REFIK CHALID BEY: Once In A Year * GEORG HIRSCHFELD: The Wonder Of Oberpurzelsheim * UGOO JETTI: The Heart Line * PAUL LEPPIN: Letter Writing For Lovers * THE AMERICAN WOMAN * ANON: From the Papers of An Extraordinary Woman

* STEFAN EGGELER: Dearest, Dearest Model * VILLIERS DE L’ISLE-ADAM: The Secret of the Scaffold * HANNS BENZMANN: Chopin’s Waltz in A-Minor * ERWIN STRANIK: In the Cellar Hole * HANS BENZMANN: The Island of Paradise * RESA SEMLER [HANNS HEINZ EWERS]: The Triumph of Woman * LEO HELLER: Courtesy Visit * VLAS DOROSCHEVICH: The Dancer * ERICH EFFLER: Just One Night * J. JOSEPH-RENARD: The Limping Ghost * BRUNO CORRA: Three Sinners * MAX STEBICH: The Yellow Cat * MARIA SZUCHICH: The Subconscious * STEFAN EGGELER: The Serenade, 6 drawings * ANON: From the Papers of An Extraordinary Woman * FRITZ BAUER: The Prosecutor * ERWIN STRANIK: What is Art & what is Pornography? * THE EDITOR’S REPLIES

* JOHN HIRSCHHORN-SMITH: Introduction * JOHN HIRSCHHORN-SMITH: The Shadowy World of Stefan Eggeler * FIONA PICCOLO: “A Certain Fantastical Verisimilitude.” The Life and Art of the Elusive Stefan Eggeler * JOHN HIRSCHHORN-SMITH: Stefan Eggeler; A Bibliography * NOTES ON THE CONTRIBUTORS

* ARTHUR ZAPP: The Dream of the Frӓulein Doctor * WALTER JENSEN: My Boy * PAUL ROMAIN [HANNS HEINZ EWERS]: Indian Summer Night Magic * CARL JULIUS HAIDVOGEL: Zischek, the Poet * KURT MÜNZER:Sleeping Girl * ELFRIEDE JESSEN: The Bath * ARTHUR SCHNITZLER: The Veil of Pierrette * STEFAN EGGELER: 6 etchings for “The Veil of Pierrette” * VICTOR SCHERF: The Heart of Daisy BeauvKARL KREISLER: Movie * OTTO HIPP: The Twitching Heart * PETER HUBERT BECKER: Mystical Episodes * ALFRED EDUARD FRAUENFELD: Fear * GRETE DAVID: Dance of the Elderly * EDUARD SAS: The Shepherd Hour * GR. BOZOVIC: The Monk and the Woman * V. DYK: Jan Bilek * WALTER JENSEN: Holy Order.

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