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Doctor Johannes Faust's Mightiest Sea-Spirit (Enodia Press, 2019) Paperback Edition

Doctor Johannes Faust's Mightiest Sea-Spirit (Enodia Press, 2019) Paperback Edition

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Nicolás Álvarez Ortiz, translator. Doctor Johannes Faust's Mightiest Sea-Spirit. Enodia Press, 2019. Paperback edition. 180 pages.

Condition: Fine

Description from the publisher:

Dr. Faust's Mightiest Sea-Spirit is an anthology of four Faustian Grimoires dealing mainly with the subject of spirits of the sea and of the water. This is the first time that these texts are published in English and we are also proud to be the first to print the Manuscript Beschwörung und Ruf des Meergeistes Doctoris Fausti (Darmstadt Hs-831) among them. The overall importance of this publication is in the unique magical techniques found in these texts, the expansion of the spirits' mythos found in other catalogues like the Ars Goetia and in the availability of this crucial text within the Faustian Tradition.It includes the following texts:Dr. Faust's Greatest and Most Powerful Sea-Spirit This is one of the most important and unique grimoires of the Faustian tradition. It deals with spirits best known from Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and the Lesser Key of Solomon (Forneus, Vepar, Cerberus, Furfur and Zaleos). The techniques of this text are unique, and it is considered one of the clearest examples of the use of esoteric imagination within a ritual setting.Conjuration and Call of the Sea-Spirit of Doctor Faust (Darmstadt Hs-831) This manuscript deals with the conjuration of the water spirit Quirumudai who is to serve the magician as a familiar spirit. It instructs the magician on how to perform a pact with this spirit and to attaint his help whenever he is needed. Veritable Jesuit Coercion of Hell This text is not to be confused with Verus Jesuitarum Libellus. It deals with the conjurations of the spirit Tarafael to have him bring the magician different sorts of treasure from the depths of the sea and on how he can retrieve such in case the gold is buried on the earth. Arcanum Experientia Praetiosum This grimoire deals specifically with the subject of dream incubation, common in Graeco-Egyptian magic but rarer in Solomonic and Faustian magic.

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